Star Wars: The Clone Wars aka I HATE fanboys


First off let me say this. I am a Star Wars fan.


 NOT Fanboy.

 Definition: (per wikipedia)

 Fanboy (sometimes spelled fanboi) is a term used to describe an individual who is devoted to a single subject in an emotional or fanatical manner, or to a single point of view within that subject, often to the point where it is considered an obsession. Use in a sentence: “My son was having a hard time enjoying the movie since there were a couple Star Wars fanboys sitting behind us complaining that the character development sucks!”

Being a Star Wars “fan” and a father of a seven year old, I am so sick of reading comments posted by Star Wars fanboys about how crappy the new Clone Wars movie is.

 I was six years old when Star Wars was first released. For the next 6 years it consumed my little world. I was Luke, Han, Darth, Lando (minus the Colt 45), Chewy etc. When asked what I wanted for my birthday, Christmas, Easter, Columbus day… the answer was always STAR WARS TOYS!

 Fast forward to 1983

 About a year after Return of the Jedi came out the toys went into the attic and I moved on. Baseball cards were next.

 What I am getting at is that I am SICK of these (lack of a better word) FREAKS bashing the new Star Wars animated movie The Clone Wars. Here are a few examples of what I am referring to.

 “Lucas sold out. He is just making these for the money.” Bob 38 California

 “I gave Lucas 3 extra shots at my movie cash based on goodwill from the original trilogy, and that was 2 shots too many.” Steve 34 Oregon

 “I do not want to imagine the kind of Star Wars fan who would be even slightly excited by this movie.” Larry 42 Texas

 Guess what Bob, Steve and Larry… THIS MOVIE WASN’T MADE FOR YOU!

 I highly doubt Lucasfilm was looking for that ever sought after 30 to 42 year old moms basement dwelling nerd. You who did like the movie? The consumers it was directed at. Kids.

 Yes, children. You know those things you see that are about the size of jawas. While you were busy reading every Star Wars novel, and playing every roll playing game churned out the rest of us dated, married, and had children.

 If you don’t believe me just look at this.

Left Picture RIGHT    Right Picture WRONG

 Did I enjoy Clone Wars? Yes. Did my son enjoy Clone Wars. YES! Do I feel that my childhood is slowly being cheapened and destroyed by the money hungry Lucas the Hutt? Nope.

4 Responses

  1. Yeah, fanboys of ANY ilk suck really (be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Apple, Microsoft and the rest), unfortunately they are out in force (no pun intended) online…. Maybe it’s because their Mommies won’t let them outside after dark….

    I was 8 when the original came out and it was pretty much the same for me, watched and read it all when those first 3 came out but moved on with my life afterwords…

    Now I have 2 boys: 12 and 8 and get to enjoy it through their eyes again….. Unfortunately some don’t get the idea that fantasy is an ESCAPE not a permanent destination…

    Welcome to the fold T.

  2. Don’t sweat it Tom, I’ve only been using this tool since June myself (copyrighting my stand up act), it’s always good to be the first anyway right???? Least that’s what I THOUGHT when I met my ex-wife in high school….. But that was WRONG….

    Don’t worry about being jaded in your posts, it’s kind of the norm to be able to let loose in these things…. Plus it’s great for the ‘heart health’ and general relief of stress!

  3. Thanks for my first comment. It is not my normal self to be so jaded, but it was really starting to bother me.

  4. Thanks for writing this! I enjoyed reading this post and I really enjoyed the film. I was born a year after “Return of the Jedi,” so I may not have been there when the films were released in theaters, but I still grew up with them. I grew up with the video games, the digitally remastered release on VHS, and then the Special Edition re-release, which were all awesome! I was also HUGE on the Expanded Universe (novels, comic books).

    What people overlook is that the “Star Wars” saga is ultimately about Anakin — it’s his tragic story of a good man who falls to the dark side, and then finds redemption. To me, “The Clone Wars” is just another piece of the Saga, and as a fan, I enjoyed seeing Anakin as a Jedi again. It creates more empathy for his character, in my opinion, and it deepens him.

    Also, these people who complain about the new “Star Wars” prequels and the computer-animated film is that it’s LUCAS’ STORY. That’s how HE wants it to be. Unfortunately, their criticism blinds them from seeing the vast and enormously gifted imagination that Lucas has shared with the world — he has impacted our culture and the film industry in so many profound ways.

    I perceive Star Wars as a mystical and spiritual story with important lessons. Before, I used to just be into the cool gadgets, vehicles, creatures, lightsabers, etc. — which is fine too — but since “Star Wars” is able to ENTERTAIN and TEACH at the same time, it is a remarkable achievement.

    I am 24 now and I still enjoyed “The Clone Wars” film. That’s sort of the tradition of “Star Wars” — it’s universal and appeals to all ages, and all people.

    Feel free to visit my blog and read my review : )

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