Metal Typer Tokens

Metal Typer Tokens, what the heck are those? Well let me tell you.

Here is a metal typer

These super fantastic machines were found from the 1940’s until the late 1980’s in amusement parks and on boardwalks. You would drop your money in the slot and turn the handle on the front on the machine to the desired letters or number to make your very own stamped metal token.

Which looks like this

 Every trip to the Jersey shore for me included making at least a dozen of these tokens. I put everything on them.

Tom loves (girls name here) 9/4/88

I will trade this for a beer

Wildwood July 1989

Fast forward 15 years. I am trying to describe these “coin things” I used to “get” from a “machine” at the shore. (Yes I am VERY poor when trying to describe something) This started my google search. After a couple weeks trying to figure out what the heck these things were called I found it! Not just the name of the machine but one that was at an auction! In New York! My heart was pounding. It was then I noticed that the auction was a MONTH ago! Over. Done. Very sad. But now I KNEW what the machines were called. METAL TYPER! I then started my google search again. This time with much more success. I did find one place somewhere in the midwest that had one but they wanted $2500! Yikes! The wife would NEVER go for that.

 I decided to call the auction house to see how much it sold for so I would have an idea of what I might be looking at if I ever found another at auction. The owner of the auction house looked in the records and saw that the metal typer was a no sale! He said it had a starting bid of $150 but nobody bid on it since they couldn’t get it to work properly. I gave him my phone number and asked if he could call the person that he was consigning it for. Thirty minutes later he called me back and said the person still had the typer and would sell it for the $150 opening bid.

WHAT!?!?! $150 BUCKS!!! HELL YES!!!

 Long story short I drove to the upper tip of Long Island from the Philly area (where I live) gave the guy $150 and drove home. It took me all of 10 minutes to fix it. There was a token stuck in the slot where the hammer strikes the coin. I pulled it out with a pair of pliers and BAM! It was working perfect.

 I started making tokens left and right. Then friends were offering me a buck or two to make them one. Then I started a website and now I make them for a little profit and this little bit of nostalgia lives again.

 Any questions please feel free to ask.

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