Sarah Palin takes the fun out of winning.

 Sarah Palin takes the fun out of winning.


Let me just say that I am a competitive person by nature. Spending a large part of my younger years with one older brother and 3 older cousins on a daily basis taught me to revel in wins. Which seemed at that age to come few and far between.


Current annoyance to others around me: Mario Kart. When I race against my wife or a fellow Husband/Dad that lives on my street I CANNOT stop the smack talk. It just happens. I turn into an ass.


But I enjoy it.


That is why now that McCain has picked Sarah Palin as his VP I am bummed. There will be no smack talk. There will be no gloating. This is going to be too easy. President Obama. It will ( thank god) be how we are referring to him in a few months time.


Even if I picked just one reason why she is not the right choice I could spend all day on it. However I am just not that interested in learning more about her. She is pretty much the x-ray version of how I think. She stands for it, I am opposed. She is opposed, I am for it.


Imagine for a minute that McCain wins. 72 year old McCain. Sarah Palin would be one breath away from being the President! Seriously! PRESIDENT! That thought alone should be enough for any person NOT to vote for McCain!


But lets forget that scary part for a bit. Let me instead give you a couple reasons why I feel this way.


  1. Sarah Palin is Pro-Life. I am Pro-choice.

  2. Sarah Palin is against gun control. I am for it.

  3. Sarah Palin is currently under investigation for allegedly firing a state official that refused to fire a state trooper who just happens to be her sisters ex-husband who she is currently going through a custody battle with. (that run on sentence reminds of Ferris Buellers day off)

  4. She has repeatedly hired former lobbyists to help her met her political goals. (lobbyists are the worst thing in politics EVER)

  5. She preaches NO sex-education in schools other than abstinence (I disagree with it) while her 17 year old daughter is about to have a shotgun wedding. Is this like a picking a marriage counselor who is on their 3rd marriage?

  6. Her speech last night had SO many incorrect statements in it I have no idea where to begin. Do a Google search Palin speech fact check

I could go on, however I need to order lunch. All I know is that this presidential race has just become boring. Obama will win. The country will start to move in the right direction. And I can save my smack talk for Nintendo DS.


I will leave you with a cartoon I found this morning that made me laugh. (Also made me scared if anything happens to Obama before the election)